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What Does Pastured Mean?   'All animals are born and raised outdoors with continuous and unconfined access to pasture throughout their life time. They are kept at a stocking intensity that will ensure forage is always available in a sustainably managed rotational grazing system.*'

Pigs and chickens roaming around out in the open, free to graze, root around in the earth, peck, dust bathe, roost and investigate their outdoor surroundings, sheep and cattle that enjoy the freedom of a paddock, that is what you expect from a free range farm.

We promote PASTURED as the true measure of ethical and sustainable food production. Raising pigs and chickens in the outdoors is nothing new, it has been practiced for centuries and it wasn't until around the 1950's that intensive, housed production systems were born.  Pastured pork and egg farming is a little old fashioned really but that's just the way we like it and given the rise in demand for free range pork, eggs and chicken, so do you!   Look for farms that are certified free range with PROOF

Making Sense of Egg Labels

Egg labels have become very confusing especially now that the once understood meaning of free range has been reinvented so that it can be applied to an intensive version of free range production.  We have attempted to simplify the most common definitions used on egg cartons for you. learn more...

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Marketing your Pastured Pork

Invest in systems that will give returns for the markets you pursue. Just producing free range pork may not be enough to keep you ahead of the competition.  The consumer is interested in sustainable farming and how the pigs are integrated into the farm instead of being an isolated part of it. learn more about marketing your free range pork ....

Raising a Pig for Food

There is nothing like the flavour of your own home grown, paddock raised pork!   This guide is for those that just want to raise a pig for the home freezer and not intended for those that wish to make a business of pig production  continue reading....

Pig Welfare

Pig welfare is the single largest driver for change in the pork industry world wide and the major focus for consumers has been on the use of sow stalls. We hear a lot about how cruel sow stalls are and that they do not allow the pig any free movement or the ability to turn around and that pigs kept in them live a life of misery and frustration.  We applaud companies that announce they will phase out the use of stalls in 2017 or 2025. read more about pig welfare ...

Feeding Pigs on Pasture

Pig nutrition is one of the most important factors on a successful farm.  Learning the basics is a must as what you feed your pigs will determine your pig growth rates, carcass quality, the health of the herd and ultimately, your success or failure as a pig farmer. learn more about feeding pigs on pasture .....

Starting a Pastured Egg Farm

Your pastured egg farming success is going to depend on how well prepared you are and the research you have done on potential markets, the egg industry in general and just how to produce a marketable, quality egg.... and an abundance of them!  This article peels back a lot of the hype and just deals with facts. learn more about starting a free range pastured egg farm .....

Farm Certification

Free range certification could be very important to your farm.  As confusion grows over just what free range means, the PASTURED descriptor gains popularity.  Becoming a PROOF Licensee can give you the marketing advantage. learn more about free range farm certification ...

Why have Farmers Changed to Pastured instead of Free Range?

The industrial free range pork, egg and poultry production model is in clear contrast to the holistic approach to farming that pastured  producers engage in.  We use the word engage because to raise pigs on pasture you need to do just that, engage with the pigs and understand their uniqueness, engage with the environment and work to sustain and improve it as part of a farm ecosystem and engage with the consumer to understand what they expect from the farmer and to educate them about people friendly, animal friendly and planet friendly farming.  learn more about the free range and pastured definition ...

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