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What does Pastured Mean?

What Does Pastured Mean?   'All animals are born and raised outdoors with continuous and unconfined access to pasture throughout their life time. They are kept at a stocking intensity that will ensure forage is always available in a sustainably managed rotational grazing system.*'

Pigs and chickens roaming around out in the open, free to graze, peck, dust bathe, roost and investigate their outdoor surroundings - that is what you expect from a pastured free range farm - Pasture raised eggs, pork, chicken, beef and lamb. 

We promote PASTURED as the true measure of ethical and sustainable food production. Raising pigs and chickens on pasture is nothing new, it has been practiced for centuries and it wasn't until around the 1950's that intensive, housed production systems were born.  Pastured pork and egg farming is a little old fashioned really but that's just the way we like it and given the rise in demand for free range pork, eggs and chicken, so do you!

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The industrial free range model is in clear contrast to the holistic approach to farming that pastured free range producers engage in.  We use the word engage because to raise animals on pasture you need to do just that, engage with the pigs and chickens and understand their uniqueness, engage with the environment and work to sustain and improve it as part of a farm ecosystem and engage with the consumer to understand what they expect from the farmer and to educate them about people friendly, animal friendly and planet friendly farming.

This site is dedicated to true, outdoor  pastured production but we believe very strongly in transparency about farming practices and welcome anyone interested in pig farming or how eggs and poultry are produced. Whether you are seeking information on how pigs are raised or farming your own pigs, producing pastured eggs or chicken, you will find the help you need right here.  This site isn't just for Aussie pig farmers either, no matter where you are in the world you will find our site informative.

*with the exception of very young poultry that are not yet sufficiently feathered and poultry that must be protected from predation at night.

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