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We are building a free resource to help answer the many questions you have about getting started in free range egg farming.
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Starting a pastured egg farm

Things to consider when starting a pastured free range egg farm

Why can't I just feed my hens grass and bugs? So many reasons .... If you are running a commercial free range egg farm you need to consider this information.

How many hens do I need to make money?  The most common question we are asked and the most difficult to answer.  We explain why in this video and give you some direction on how to calculate how many hens you are going to need on your pastured egg farm.

Previous videos talk about the importance of the hen lay rate.  In this video we explain what that means.

Knowing how an egg develops gives you a better understanding of the importance  of diet and disease management for your hens and the affect they have on the quality and number of eggs produced.

Why do hens feather peck and what is it?  There are many reason for feather pecking that all have an impact on hen health and your profitability.

How much does it cost to produce a dozen eggs?  We take at look at all the cost considerations.

Food Safety requirements for egg farmers.  There's a lot to know and we explain it in plain english. 

Starting a free range pastured egg farm

Why are my egg yolks pale? Do bright orange/red yolks mean the eggs are free range? Here we discuss egg quality and yolk colour and how to educate your customers to help them understand the variations in the colour of your eggs.