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Our Online Pig & Egg Farming Courses

These self paced courses are designed for beginners to those wishing to prepare themselves for a free range farming venture or those that already own pigs or chickens that want to learn more. You will be able to complete each module online at a time that is suitable to you and you have six months access so plenty of time to do so.

Presented by Lee McCosker (Dip. Ag - Pig Production, Dip Ag - Applied Animal Nutrition, Dip. Sustainability, CertIV Training and Assessment), you'll be learning from someone with over 15 years experience in breeding, marketing and studying free range, pastured pigs.  Lee is a qualified trainer and assessor and an advocate for the small producer and also the author of Free Range Pig Farming - Starting Out in Pastured Pigs, Pastured Pigs on a Small Scale and Pigs, Pasture & Profit.  See full library here


Pastured free range pig farming course - online

An Introduction to Free Range Pig Farming Course- Online 

This is an introductory level course for anyone starting out in farming pigs or contemplating going in to pastured pork production.  

The course has a structured program covering legal requirements, dealing with council and approvals, setting up the farm, all abut breeds, pig nutrition and how to produce the best pastured pork profitably. 

We cover:

  • Introduction to the industry

  • Animal Welfare regulations, laws and codes of practice

  • Councils

  • Food Safety

  • Biosecurity

  • Setting up a pasture pig farm

  • Breeds of Pigs (and selecting the right one!)

  • Feeding pigs

  • Housing Pigs

  • Managing pig health

  •  Pasture management

  • Pasture as a food source

  • Marketing 

  • Pastured Pigs
  • Pig Farming Course
Pastured free range egg farming course - online

An Introduction to Pastured Free Range Egg Farming Course- Online

This course is for anyone wanting to start a pastured, free range egg business. Presented by a qualified trainer and assessor with industry experience and appropriate academic qualifications.

This is a self-paced online course that you can complete in a day or 6 months.  The course remains open to you for that period.

The course will cover:

  • Codes of Practice

  • Food Safety

  • Licenses

  • Dealing with councils

  • Farm setup

  • Raising chicks

  • Nutrition for production

  • About the eggs

  • Keeping your hens laying

  • Pasture management

  • Pasture as a food source

  • Collecting eggs

  • Cleaning, sorting and packing eggs

  • Egg labelling

  • Marketing your eggs

  • Biosecurity

  • Pastured Eggs
  • Egg Farming Course