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PROOF - Pasture Raised On Open Fields
Pastured Pigs and Poultry
PROOF Pasture Raised On Open Fields

Our Farmers

PROOF farms under go an on farm audit before membership can be approved.  These farms are monitored and randomly inspected for ongoing compliance.  Our farmers are transparent about their farming practices. Visit their website, social media or get in touch.  Our farmers will provide all the proof you need that their product is free range and pasture raised.

Our Courses

We offer pig and egg farming courses for beginners through to those wanting to sort out initial teething problems.  We want you to be a success and become a part of this expanding industry.  Avoid the pitfalls, be aware of you legal obligations and what codes and regulations you need to follow. We know how important it is to get the right information and guidance when starting out in any farming business venture. 

NEW! We are now offering a FREE version of some of our course resources.   Check it out here

Our Books

We offer a selection of pig and poultry farming books ranging from the beginner, back yard farm right through to starting a pastured farming business.  How do I start a free range farm? is the most comment question we receive.

Free Range Pigs and Chickens


PROOF is recognition for farmers that produce free range, pastured eggs, pork, chicken, beef and lamb from animals that have been raised on pasture in open fields. The focus of PROOF  is the on farm management of livestock in a farming system that provides unrestricted daytime access to actively managed, pastured range areas in an environment that encourages purposeful use of those areas. The program is your farmer's promise that the core values they operate to are transparent and easy to understand. This is their voluntary commitment to you. 

Our Farmers

Free Range Pastured Eggs

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