PROOF - Pasture Raised On Open Fields

Our Farmers

Our farmers are committed to raising their livestock  outdoors without the restriction of cages, crates or crowded sheds.  Their animals are free to range on open fields during the day and forage on pastures. Visit our farmer's websites, social media or get in touch.  They will offer all the proof you seek that their product is free range and pastured raised.

Kinmana Organics PROOF

Kinmana Organics

Our Certified Organic Farmland comprises of 3 family owned and operated farms. We sell our organic eggs, chicken and lamb throughout SA and VIC. Since 2017, we have been approved Sommerlad Poultry producers for SA.  

Free Range Eggs

Paine's Free Range Eggs

Phone: 0447082551 

We are a free range/pastured egg operation in Wallaroo South Australia. We use mobile chicken trailers on open pasture with Maremma's guarding the hens. We sell our eggs locally on the Yorke Peninsula. 

Pastured Eggs Kangaroo Island

Fryar's Kangaroo Island Free Range Eggs

Kangaroo Island Free Range Eggs is a family owned and operated business that run 60,000 pastured hens over 5,000 acres growing their own grain on farm. They run their pastured free range hens at just 190 hens per hectare, with full beaked hens! They are producing approx. 15,000 dozen eggs per week & selling them throughout KI, Adelaide, Melbourne & Sydney. Everyone loves Kangaroo Island Free Range Eggs, from a pristine place of amazing tastes. 

Free Range Chickens

Summerland House Farm

SHF is a business of House with No Step; mission is to create employment opportunities for people with disability. Business located on site; Avocado and Macadamia orchard, Hydroponics facility, Dehusking facility, Packing facility, Restaurant/functions centre, Nursery/Grocer, Respite buildings 

Pastured Pork and Eggs

Forage Farms

Pasture based, chemical free egg and pork farm in the Mary Valley/Noosa Hinterland. 

Free Range Pigs

Shady Waters

Shady Waters is a 200acre Free Range Pig Farm, situated 30km from Robinvale Victoria, 100km from Mildura and about the same from Swan Hill. We run 50 sows and have a few of most breeds including Berkshire, Saddle-back, Large Black, Tamworth, Duroc, large-white and Landrace.  

Grassland Poultry

Grassland Poultry’s slow grown Heritage Sommerlad Chicken is award-winning. These chickens were developed in Australia for outdoors conditions, an alternate robust chicken that thrives on unlimited pastures in all seasons.
Bred, hatched, raised and process on farm, in Wellington NSW.
Guided by their set of regenerative principles, ethically produced, chemical & antibiotics free, working with nature and tastes great. 

Shakespeare Hills Pastured Eggs

Shakespeare Hills

Organic dairy farmers. Producing pasture raised eggs, the hens follow the cows 

Free Range Hens

Henley Farms

Continuing my heritage of multiple generations of farming back in India. We want to produce delicious, nutritious food that consumers can enjoy. Welfare of the animals, good for the land and healthy for humans is our family's motto. 

Free Range Duck Eggs

Green Shepherd Farms

We are running a diversified farm. We have been producing free range duck eggs for the Sydney market for the past two years. We had Pasture Proof certification under the partnership Great Northern Poultry but have split partnership and created our own label - Green Shepherd Farms.